HSC Admission Result 2023 Published. There is good news for those students who have appeared in various government college entrance exams of the country and are eagerly waiting to get their class XI admission exam results. Because today 31st December 2022 every Wednesday the Ministry of Education’s official website published the result release notice. So if you are an XI class admission candidate then without delay enter your result now on the official website of the Ministry of Education where your roll number provides your board name and passing year and registration number. Then collect your result by entering the verification code correctly.

XI Admission 2023 Result

There are many students who have appeared for HSC admission test in multiple classes but after the results are published, they do not know how to access the official website of the Ministry of Education to view the results and what information is required to view the results. Again they are not able to download the result through various attempts. I would say no need to worry simply follow our website rules. You can download Class XI Admission Result 2023 and know in which college you have got HSC admission chance. Learn about the following rules in detail through our article.

XI Admission Result 1st Merit List 2023

Meanwhile, Class XI Admission Result 2023 1st Phase Result 31 December 2022 has been published on the official website of the Ministry of Education. Students access this website. You can check the admission result of the first step by providing the required information. So there are many people who don’t know these rules how to check the results after the results are published. So if you don’t know then find out from our website and download your result yourself at your home without any hassle.

Those students who are not able to clear the 11th admission test in the 1st merit list will wait for the 2nd merit list. And 2nd merit list application and result 3rd merit list result and when will be published we have mentioned below through our article. Read our article carefully for details.

XI Class Admission Result System 2023

You must want to know about the method of viewing the results of the HSC admission test. Then come to our website, how to check the results of the first merit list published by the eleventh-class students who participated in the admission test online through mobile SMS and know what information is required.

XI Class Admission Online Result 2023

Many students who participated in the class 1XI entrance examination are not aware of how to check the results online or what information to enter and what information to check the results. So they get too busy downloading their XI admission result themselves and search different places to know the rules to check the result but they don’t get the proper guideline to check the result. They were very excited. So no reason to worry today we will show our article by entering the official website of the Ministry of Education. Find out what information to give and download the education results online.

HSC Admission Result check 2023

Now we know how a student can download his own admission test result through HSC Admission Result 2023 Online. We will discuss about that simple method and directly through our website, we will show you which website to enter and what information to see the result after entering there.


  • First, enter this website xiclassadmission.gov.bd.
  • Then click on the View Result option.
  • Now enter your SSC roll number correctly.
  • Then select your education board.
  • Now select your Passing year.
  • Then enter your HSC registration number.
  • Type the captcha code correctly.
  • Click the View Result button below and check your result.


xi class admission result 2022 2023

HSC Admission Result 2023 is usually released in 3 phases. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education HSC Admission First Phase Merit List has been published on 31st December 2022. And thus in the second and third phases, all exam admission results will be published.

HSC admission 2nd phase merit list will be published on 12 January 2023. Students who are not cleared in the first merit list will wait for the second merit list.

And the 3rd merit list for HSC admission will be released on 18 January 2023. All those students who could not pass the third merit list of the first merit list will be passed in this merit list. They have to wait for the third merit list result. But after getting a chance they can get admission in college.

However, the migration process for the students admitted in class XI will be included in this examination as usual like other years. Students can do two migrations based on HSC admission result. Migration will be done their result 12th of January 23rd 1st migration result will be published.

Last Word

So far we have detailed the published admission test results of the students who participated in the 11th class admission test in 2023 through the article on our website and the rules to check the published results online. Hopefully, students can download their own results by following the rules of our website properly. I think they will benefit a lot. So stay with us to get the correct educational updates. Thank you all Allah Hafez.