Coronavirus Vaccine Registration For NU Student


All institutions across the country have been closed for a long time since 1-3-2020 due to the coronavirus epidemic. Students have dropped out of school and college due to the closure of institutions for a long time. Institutions are open. So that they can study regularly. National University coronavirus tick registration activities have started. The National University has issued a notification on July 8 for covid 19 vaccines for students. The National University Authority has set a deadline of 2021 for registration. Published by And you complete your registration and get vaccinated against the coronavirus virus and stay healthy.

A new website by the name of for Karna Vaccine Registration for National University Students
The National University Authority has introduced that students can register easily through this website. Moreover, information has been sought through a separate website for all the teaching officers, researchers, and staff of the university, but no information has been published yet.


NU Corona virus registration for Honours/Masters.

All students from all colleges and educational institutions affiliated to the National University must register to earn Honours, Masters Degree Pass Courses, Professional and all other students. The National University authorities have started the process of collecting information with the aim of bringing regular, irregular students of all years under its purview.

The National University Vaccine Restoration Program has started. The National University Authority has set a deadline for registration for the registration of the Covid 19 vaccine for the National University students by publishing a notification on 8th July.

NU Corona virus Vaccine Registration Information.

National University students will be vaccinated against coronavirus The university authorities have asked the students to send information about the covid 19 intakes of students to the educational institutions affiliated to the national university to reduce the risk of epidemic coronavirus infection.

To provide information Application form must be filled through this website All students can fill the form. Instructions were followed by the principal to ensure that the schedule was filled for the students of their respective colleges.

If the principal of each college makes a schedule for the students of their respective colleges. According to the guidelines, then all the students will be able to vaccinate the Coronavirus in their own institutions at their own risk.

In addition, as per the office order dated May 17, all the college educational institutions affiliated to the National University, teachers and staff officers, and students have been requested to log in to this website and send the college profile online by updating the college profile urgently.


  Information required for registration

The registration will be completed by submitting the application form by providing the required information from the National University on how much kerosene to make and they will be able to get the vaccine as soon as the registration is completed, so let’s see what information is required for the registration of National University.

1.Registration number according to the registration card.

2. Student National Identity Card Number.

3. An affluent mobile number.

4. Whether the students have already accepted.

5. Whether the student is a resident or a mess hall etc.

NU Corona Virus Registration Now-


National University students can complete the task of vaccination registration in a few simple steps and very easily. To do this, complete the following steps and follow.

First, visit the official website to register.

You enter another registration number for Honors Masters Degree Professional.

In the next step, you will see all your information.

Enter your National Identity Card Number Mobile Number.

If you have received the Karna vaccine, select Yes. If you have not received the license, select No.

Select your information whether you are a resident or a residential student there.

Provide other necessary information

Submit all the information correctly and print the paper and keep it to yourself.

And wait until the next SMS arrives. If the SMS arrives then all the students must get the coronavirus vaccine within that time.